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PO Box 6733 101 W Chesapeake Avenue Towson, Md. 21285
Phone: 443-867-7641
Web: speak4kidsllc.com
E-mail: mike@speak4kidsllc.com

SPEAK 4 Kids’ Mission

Advocate (immediate/short term) – We want to arm parents with the information and options necessary to help overcome as many obstacles as possible so that their child receives FAPE in the LRE.

Educate (mid-range) – We want to empower parents with the knowledge and confidence necessary to SPEAK up and SPEAK out for your own child once we are no longer involved. In order to do that, we try hard to explain the laws and why we make certain decisions.

Legislate (long term) – We want to actively participate in the State and Federal legislative process so that future generations of exceptional students don’t have to fight as hard for services as we did.