SPEAK is an acronym that stands for Special Education Advokacy. SPEAK 4 Kids llc was founded in 2016 to help Maryland parents receive the free, appropriate, individualized public education that their exceptional children need and deserve. Although we are physically located in Baltimore County, we will gladly travel to other counties and states as needed. Because we are not licensed to practice law in this, or any other state, our representation is strictly limited to educational advocacy. While each case is unique, here is just a sample list of the ways I might be able to help.

  • Meet with parents for free to review and discuss their concerns.
  • Explain Special Education terminology and process in easy to understand terms.
  • Discuss the ways that we can help should you decide to hire us.
  • Review your child’s complete educational file at the school with you present.
  • Explain: what we are looking for; what we found; what value it holds; and if necessary, walk you through additional steps (i.e. request and fight for an IEE).
  • Attend school based meetings (IEP’s; Evaluations) with you at your request.
  • Ask questions, make suggestions and take diligent notes at meetings.
  • Conduct classroom observations and additional research as necessary.
  • Refer parents to additional outside resources as necessary.
  • Attend and testify in due process cases with parents if needed.

Mission – The mission of SPEAK 4 Kids is three fold.

  1. Advocate (immediate/short term) – We want to arm parents with the information and options necessary to help overcome as many obstacles as possible so that their child receives FAPE in the LRE.
  2. Educate (mid-range) – We want to empower parents with the knowledge and confidence necessary to SPEAK up and SPEAK out for your own child once we are no longer involved. In order to do that, we try hard to explain the laws and why we make certain decisions.
  3. Legislate (long term) – We want to actively participate in the State and Federal legislative process so that future generations of exceptional students don’t have to fight as hard for services as we did.


The vision of SPEAK 4 Kids llc is that one day, parents will no longer need to seek out IEP advocates or special education attorneys, because parents will be fully educated as to their rights, and schools will consistently focus on what is best for the student.

Please read the following testimonials from other parents I have recently worked with